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Initiated on July 2009

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2016 ASQ Section 0512 Welcome

To Our Membership,

I wanted to take a moment to welcome all the current, new and student members of ASQ Delmarva Section 512 to the 2016 program year.
I would also like to take a moment to introduce our current board (bios are posted on the website):
Kevin Waddell – Chair
Jim Ebert – Membership Chair, and Internet Liaison
JoAnn Littlefield – Secretary, Program Chair
Sylviane Bouvier – Treasurer
John Sharpe – Nominating Chair, Voice of Customer Chair

As you can see we have several people who are holding more than one position. Thus we are urging other members to come forward and volunteer as Member/Committee Leaders. As I posted previously, one thing to remember, for those of you who have Certifications, you will accrue Recertification Points as part of your participation as a section leader. We all know how difficult it is sometimes to get those last few points to meet the 18 point requirement for recertification. And no one wants to take the exam AGAIN. So if anyone is interested, you can contact me or any board member for more information.

Also on the website you will find our 2016 Section Business Plan which the board has worked diligently to determine what we need as a section to fulfill our requirements and provide Value-Added opportunities for our section to get back on its feet and grow in the future. We have defined some very aggressive goals of the section, but with the help of our membership, we can achieve these goals.

I did want to take a moment to remember a long time board member and dedicated supporter and mentor to our student chapter, who we lost in 2015. Don Nicholson was a driving force in keeping this section involved in not only promoting quality within our community, but ensuring future quality professionals had a means to grow through the ASQ Student Chapter. He will be truly missed by us all.

We are also doing a lot of work to revamp our website (thanks to Jay Benton) to ensure we have a fresh new look and that the site is more informative, user friendly and provide a means to communicate activities to our membership. We also want to ensure the website provides a vehicle (surveys and feedback links) for continuous feedback from our membership as to how the section and board can better serve your needs.

We have a great year planned out and are hoping to see an increased participation from our members who we have not seen in a while or those who have not shared in the great benefits associated with ASQ membership which includes knowledge sharing and networking as well as professional development.

Some of the activities we are planning include guest speakers on a wide variety of topics such as Six Sigma coming up in a couple of weeks in May as well as Quality System software such as Aras Innovator. We are also going to have speakers on the new ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards that have just been released. So I am sure everyone has started to prepare for their transition to the new standard. We are looking to have plant tours scheduled to see local companies and how they have incorporated quality into their business processes. Companies we are looking at visiting are Hardwire, EVO Brewery, Pats Aircraft (one of our favorites) and possibly Wallops Island.

We welcome any suggestions for topics of interest or any members who would like to host a tour would be greatly appreciate.

We are encouraging all members to come out and support the local ASQ section and enjoy the opportunity to see how others are working with quality tools or learn from our very knowledgeable speakers who may just help you fix that on-going quality issue at work. Or you just might be the one to help out your fellow ASQ member.

You can visit our website at to keep up to date on our local activities.

Thanks and we hope to see you at our next function.

Kevin Waddell
ASQ Section 512 Chair

Section 0512 Business Plan - 2016

Attached to this post is our 2016 Business Plan for ASQ512.